Leased Vehicles & Paintless Dent Removal

The benefit of leasing a ride is that it is a convenient and affordable way to get around. It is also an exciting way to experience the power and luxury of a vehicle that is out of your price range. The downside to leasing a car is that you can find yourself scrambling to return it in the same condition as when you first signed the contract. Failure to do so could result in costly penalties.


Here's where paintless dent removal with Dent Erasers comes in. When you want to end your lease without any hassle, this method of car dent repair is great. Find out why below.


Avoid Costly Trips to the Body Shop

There are a few specific things that will be checked when you return your car. Generally, it will be checked for dings, dents, and anything else that might compromise its appearance or integrity. There is no question that a little wear-and-tear is allowed, but bigger dents will result in many extra charges. For repairs of these dents, you'll typically be charged market rates, which is the same as what you would pay for a regular fill-and-paint.


Paintless Dent Repair Is Budget-Friendly

You don’t need to shell out the big bucks, even if you’ve got a leased car with substantial dents. PDR is defintiley going to offer a better price then traditional body shops.


Instead of spending thousands on a car that isn't even yours, choose paintless dent repair.


Shed the Worry of Time Constraints

It is easy to forget about lease-end dates. We understand, but traditional body shops may not. Due to their multi-step process, squeezing in your vehicle might not be possible; even relatively simple dents can take weeks to repair. Putty must be applied to the hole, sanded, painted exactly to your color, and then a clear coating applied. That takes time.


Paintless Dent Repair Is Speedy

Thanks to paintless dent repair, long waiting times for damage repair are no longer an issue. In one day, we can accomplish what it takes our competitors more than twice as long. Due to our techniques, which require only a few tools, we'll have your vehicle in and out within minutes so that you can return it on time.


Dent Erasers - Dent Pros who Are Always Ready to Help

If your lease return date is coming up soon and your looking to get your leased vehicle back looking like the day you got it Dent Erasers has you covered. Whatever your budget or how quickly you need car dent repair done, our commitment to quality service remains the same. When it comes to paintless dent repair, we will not disappoint. Our experienced and friendly professionals will get the job done quickly and efficiently for a price that is hard to match anywhere else. We hope you'll call us today!


Dent Erasers: Your Paintless Dent Repair Specialist with over two decades of experience serving the greater Bay Area and thousands of happy clients. To get your free quote call us today and you can be our next five star review on Yelp or Google

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